Chicken Selections

At Little Verons, we will cut your chicken any way you want it. Ready to fry, roast or grill.

 Types of Meat
 Description/Cut  Tips & Advice
 Bone-in Chicken
 Whole chickens – we will cut
 them for you, any way you like.
Chicken breasts
Chicken Thighs
 Roast a whole chicken, breast
 side up. Cook a 3-4lb chicken
 for 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 hour at 375 °F
 (Add 15-30 minutes if stuffed.)
Chicken breasts
Chicken thighs

 chicken breasts are on
 sale every Wednesday.

 Check our our daily specials
 for more ways to save.
 Chicken Specialties
Chicken kabobs
Jalapeno sausage
Green onion and parsley sausage
Homemade stuffed chicken
Bacon wrapped chicken thighs
Chicken patties

 Add a side of our homemade
 macaroni & cheese! Perfect
 for people on the go.