Household Supplies

From BBQ goods and paper supplies to pet food and cleaning products – you don’t have to go any further than Verons. Take a tour.

 Types Description Tips & Advice
BBQ Supplies
Lighter fluid
Paper plates, cups & flatware
Foil pans
BBQ sauce
Check out our daily
- we have
meat and seafood that
are perfect for the pit!
Household Products
Glass cleaner
Dust spray
Kitchen & bath products
Dish & dishwasher soap
Hand soap
Laundry detergent
Fabric softener
Keep your drains running
Pour 1/4 C. baking soda
down drain, followed by
1/2 C. white vinegar
Let sit for 15 minutes, then
flush with hot water.
The solution will fizz - fun for
the kids and safe for the
Paper Goods
Paper towel
Facial tissue
Toilet paper
Paper plates
Plastic wrap
Plastic containers
Plastic containers are good
for more than leftovers. Use
them to organize your drawers
or store office supplies.
Pet Necessities
Dog food - canned & dry
Cat food - canned & dry
Dog & cat treats
Cat litter
Brush your cat or dog
frequently to control shedding.

Insect Survival
Insect repellent
Wasp spray
Roach spray & traps
Ant killer & traps
Bee sting remedy:
Mix baking soda with water
to make a paste, apply to bite
and leave on skin for
approximately 15 minutes.
It will help to reduce
swelling and itching.