Pork Selections

From our famous stuffed pork chops to our select tenderloins, our pork products offer your family a quality and tasty meal. Be sure to pick up one of our time saving side dishes, prepared fresh in our store.

Featured pork item:

Stuffed pork chops

1 1/4" USDA Center cut pork loin chops stuffed with fresh pork sausage
  • Our stuffed pork chops, affectionately dubbed SPC's by the staff, are a local favorite with national clout. A visit to Veron's for stuffed pork chops is a must on many Acadian expatriates' lists. 
  • Veron's packages for travel. Ask our friendly staff about travel-proofing your pork chops via vacuum-sealing.
~Pair it with a potato~
Here the proud pork chop poses alongside a delicious stuffed potato, prepared by Veron's deli.  All this couple needs is a green salad from our produce department to get the sparks flying!

More Pork

  Types of Meat
 Description/Cut  Tips & Advice
Chops & Ribs
 Center cut pork chops
 Stuffed pork chops – A Lafayette
 Baby Back Ribs
Take advantage of our Thursday
special on stuffed pork chops.

Bake at 350 °F for 1 hour.
Roasts, Steaks and

 Boston butt roast (boneless
 and bone in)
 Pork tenderloin
 Pork loin (boneless or bone in)
 Pork Seven Steak

Roast pork in a 325 °F oven,
allow 30-40 minutes per pound.
The internal temperature should
read 170 °F on a quality meat

Ground Pork and

 Lean ground pork
 Italian sausage
 BBQ sausage
 Pure pork sausage
 Jalapeno sausage
Our homemade stuffed potatoes
are a fast and delicious side for
your meal. Stop in and pick some
up from our deli case.

Last updated 6/10/11