Sausage Selections

We grind our own meat, add our secret seasonings, and have the best tasting sausage in town.

 Type of Sausage
 Description Tips & Advice
 Pork Sausage
 Italian sausage
 BBQ sausage
 Pure pork sausage
 Jalapeno pork sausage

Pick up all the ingredients
for a zesty red gravy!
 Chicken Sausage
Jalapeno chicken sausage
Green onion and parsley sausage

Brown it in a pan or cook it
on the grill.
 Mixed Beef and pork sausage
Sauté asparagus in olive oil,
herbs, fresh garlic, a pinch of
salt, some red pepper flakes
 and a splash of lemon juice/
A perfect side for your
sausage dish.